4As draws on established industry partnerships to offer forward-looking training course on Digital Engagement

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) will offer an online training course “The 7Es of Engagement” to its members in an exclusive three-part series during October 2020.

This is the latest addition to the 4As online training portfolio, made possible by leveraging upon the 4As 5-year alliance with the Chartered Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) UK, and supported by industry partner Astro.

“The 7Es of Engagement” will provide insights into developing digital-first ideas versus traditional media through a combination of using digital tools, core advertising principles, as well as innovation and experimentation. Each of the three 2-hour sessions will include using tools like Google’s “Hero, Hub, Help” strategy to create useful and engaging content, learning to use the “Amazing Content Creator” to devise ideas for programmes rather than ads, and learning what works for brands, especially in these uncertain times.

Khairudin Rahim, 4As CEO said, “With the ratio of marketing spend shifting inexorably towards online platforms, and given how rapidly the digital space morphs and evolves, it is obvious that practitioners need to develop fluency in the key disciplines to ideate and plan for effective, digitally-enabled marketing campaigns.”

“It is imperative that everyone working in Marketing Communications, regardless of their discipline, understands how to develop digital-first ideas, and in the process deliver outstanding results for their clients,” added Khairudin.

This online course will be conducted by Patrick Collister, an IPA UK endorsed trainer with prior leadership positions at Ogilvy London, and The Zoo, Google’s creative think tank for Nothern Europe.