Petaling Jaya, 15 November 2016: The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) and R3 Worldwide, a global consulting firm, have jointly collaborated on Finding An Agency, a guide book to help marketers and agencies plan and execute efficient and productive reviews that lead to stronger client-agency partnerships.

Given that the business and marketing landscape has become more diverse – multi-channel communications, technological advancements, and a shift in consumer expectations – there has been an expanded desire among marketers for specialty expertise and fresh perspectives to complement or replace existing relationships with advertising agencies.

Finding and engaging a new agency, however, can be a gruelling task. It is time-consuming, cost prohibitive, and disruptive to the day-to-day business operations as it goes beyond just the pitch process.

“Selecting and retaining the right agency is vital because of the key role agencies are able to play in promoting the company and brands, thus enhancing its ultimate profitability,” declares Khairudin Rahim, 4As CEO. “As such, marketers should examine the key considerations as outlined in the guidebook before embarking on an agency search.”

Put simply, this means that clients can go through the process that enables them to screen a good number of agencies at a series of clearly defined stages without requiring agencies to incur excessive costs.

From the agency perspective, says Khairudin, they can participate in the process with a clearer idea of the odds of success at any stage, and make their investment decision accordingly.

“Both parties share the same goal, which is to end up in a long-term relationship that produces outstanding work that builds brands and corporate reputations.”

Guide book / 2

The book covers a comprehensive set of global best practices that aims to ease frustrations between clients and agencies. It also includes a recommended post-pitch Agency Evaluation form that assists marketers to rate each pitching agency objectively. Agencies that diligently refer to this evaluation matrix will know what to aim for, in order to hit the bulls-eye.

According to the basic premise outlined in Finding an Agency, transparency is imperative – why the account is moving, the commercial opportunity, budgets, scope of work, timescale and top management involvement all the way through the pitch process.

Malaysia’s uniqueness in terms of its ethnic diversity and young population coupled with shifting consumer dynamics and the rapid rise of mobile further broadens to need to evaluate and re-think the role of agencies with a measure of clarity, transparency, and respect.

Seema Punwani, R3 Worldwide Principal Consultant, Khairudin, and two prominent marketers will further discuss the pitch process, the significant elements in winning a pitch, and bad pitch behaviours from different perspectives at the book launch on 24 November at Balai Berita Theatrette, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

The launch of the guide book meets with one of the 4As’ objectives in raising standards and professionalism.

Finding an Agency will also be made available on the 4As website (www.aaaa.org.my) and downloadable after the launch.


About the 4As

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As), formed in 1971, is the Malaysian advertising industry’s foremost body engaged in promoting the value of advertising agencies in the Marketing Communications industry to advertisers, media, suppliers, government, and the public.

The association encompasses more than 90 home-grown and international member agencies who are the key players in Malaysia’s advertising industry.

The association helps grow the business of the member agencies and advance individual careers through the provision of professional development services, industry awards, advocacy, and support.

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