4As kicks-off 2021 training slate with focus on effectiveness, in collaboration with long time training partner IPA UK

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) is launching its slate of programmes for 2021 with the IPA Effectiveness Essentials Certificate, reaffirming its commitment to foster continuous professional development for Agency and Marketing practitioners.

Conducted by the 4As’ long-established training partner the Chartered Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) UK, the IPA Effectiveness Essentials Certificate is primarily aimed at entry-level practitioners in agency and client businesses, although any staff would benefit from the overview of the key thinking, knowledge, and practices of effectiveness that the course offers.

“Effectiveness should be of paramount importance to everyone involved in planning and executing marketing campaigns. Successful practitioners plan for effectiveness early in the day, and not as an afterthought,” said Khairudin Rahim, 4As CEO. “Furthermore, the industry wrestles daily with short-termism, lack of investment in commercial creativity, the battle for consumer attention, and evolving consumer behavior – these are challenges that won’t go away. This qualification gives practitioners in advertising and marketing the correct set of lenses to plan and think about effectiveness early.”

The IPA Effective Essentials Certificate provides 10 hours of online learning, divided into 10 modules, at the end of which delegates will learn why effectiveness matters to brands; understand the principles of effectiveness and how they can make the case for commercial creativity; learn effectiveness best practice and why a culture of effectiveness should be embedded in their workplace; and learn how to make better, more informed, and more strategic decisions in their roles.

“Since 2008, the 4As has emphasized effectiveness as a key metric through the introduction in Malaysia of the Effie Awards, recognised internationally by agencies and advertisers as the communications industry’s pre-eminent award for marketing effectiveness,” added Khairudin. “We want to reinforce the culture of effectiveness in the marketing communications industry and build the word ‘effectiveness’ into the everyday language of agency and advertiser conversations.”

To register or for more information, please contact Kandesh at the 4As Secretariat via email (kandesh@macomm.com.my) or call (603) 76608535.

Course fees are HRDF claimable and cost RM 1,250 +6% SST for 4As Members and RM 1,550 +6% for non-members.