A Special Little Place – Digi National Day 2018


A special little place indeed. Malaysia, a small country with big dreams and new hope. To start with, we transferred power with no bloodshed. That in itself is an achievement that’s not gone unnoticed in the world. So yeah, it’s all #MalaysianMade. Thank you to team DiGi and everyone who pulled this job through. Featuring the work of Eddie Putera and the will power of Maurice (Think Tank) and a supportive client and a passionate team at the agency, this happened.

Check out the Merdeka film below and behind the scenes pics further down the page.

Some behind the scenes pics:

The Making of Tanah Indah – Digi Hari Merdeka 2018.

Posted by Eddie Putera on Thursday, August 30, 2018

It was quite a journey getting to this point and many, many people came together to pull this off.

One day I got a call from Mun Tyng of Naga DBB agency asking whether I would be interested to make a diorama for a Merdeka Day project. I said yes, this would be fun. A week later a bunch of people came over. Naqib the awesome dude who wrote this script. Zaheer the creativestest guy on earth, some post processing dudes who took a RM50 Grab car to my place and some others. Meeting went well and I have like 26 days to create this piece. Ding dong here, dong dong there, 18 times…

Posted by Eddie Putera on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

When we got the call from Alvin Teoh of Naga DDB that he had a special project for Merdeka,- that involved something ‘different’ for us -we were super excited. With a tight 10 day deadline and working tirelessly together with Eddie Putera, building and rendering this miniature world and populating it with Malaysian stories was stressful, exhausting but ultimately rewarding.

Thanks for Fabbritory as well for the tireless hours with the characters.

Big shout out to Simon Chin who lensed it, Dave Singh for Editing, VFX post by APV, and audio by our friends at Fuse for making it great…
And huge thanks to the Naga DBB ppl – Alvin, Paul, Naquib, Za, Kevin, Mun Tyng, and most of all, Bernard Lee, Wei Tzen & the rest of the team from Digi who held faith in this special idea, and letting us bring these miniatures to life on screen. Incredibly proud of doing something unique and special for Merdeka.

Directed by Maurice Noone
Produced by De Shen


Posted by Directors ThinkTank on Monday, August 27, 2018