IPA Qualifications & Bespoke Trainings

4As CEO Address

Clients trust agenciesthat invest in their staff

Khairudin RahimCEO of 4As Malaysia

The 4As are the voice for Agencies, promoting the value that Agencies bring to their clients as turbo boosters for brand growth.

To consistently and successfully deliver this, Agencies are encouraged to embrace a “people-first” commitment.

We also know that clients have a higher trust level for Agencies that invest in continuous professional development for their staff.

We need to nurture these talents, hone their skills and feed their knowledge. This is how they will flourish, along with the Agency.

An Agency’s culture is what makes it a stimulating place to work in. When the Agency culture encourages curiosity, inspiration and lifelong learning, it creates an environment where staff thrive, leading to a happier and healthier future for the Agency.

We champion all of these through our unique alliance with the UK’s Chartered Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA). The way we see it, the more hours we can devote to learning, the better our industry will be.

New technologies and the possibilities created by data are a new battlefield and vehicles for commercial creativity. However, these tools are not an alternative to creativity.

The new and shiny tools do not diminish the need for practitioners to apply talent to deliver creativity, brand and human insight, and to ensure that automation is not at the expense of human connection and respect for consumers.

More than ever before, it remains critical to understand the timeless principles of how advertising works, deciding how to measure its effectiveness, and creating messages that resonate with consumers. These core competencies will never go out of style.

Agencies should take the opportunity created by the 4As to maximise their staff’s potential with IPA’s globally recognised online qualifications, as well as the bespoke two to three day courses that we conduct in Malaysia using IPA endorsed trainers who are also respected advertising practitioners.

The IPA training offerings have consistently been highly rated among those who participated:

  • 92% found IPA training relevant to their job
  • 90% would recommend IPA training to their colleagues
  • 72% have used IPA course and qualification content on client business

Staff with IPA qualifications make themselves economically useful to their Agencies; clients recognise the value of practitioners that have completed these learning and development programmes to help deliver effective solutions to their marketing problems.

I look forward to Member Agencies availing themselves of this opportunity, to enroll your staff for the range of courses offered throughout the year by the 4As.