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IPA IPA How To Influence The Consumer Purchase Decision

“Understand how Behavioural Economics can be used to help drive the brand”

Our assumptions about decision-making over product purchase have been turned upside down by major advances in Neuro-Science. We now know that we are not rational in our decision-making and our behaviour can often be nudged by seemingly irrelevant stimuli. Understanding Behavioural Economics can help brands to influence consumers’ purchase decisions.


Who is this qualification for?

Suitable for Strategy Planners, Account Directors/Senior Account Managers, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and Media Directors/ Media Managers


What are the benefits?
  • Have a good understanding and confidence in the key principles of Behavioural Economics
  • Be able to successfully apply these principles to brands and their business


How the learning is delivered and assessed

This course will focus on two key drivers as well as the nine principles of Behavioural Economics. Participants will discuss the theory, study the experiments and analyse real life examples for all nine principles, summed up by a brainstorming session on ways in which each principle can be used to help drive the brand.


For more information, read the , call us at 03-76608535 or email to kandesh@macomm.com.my.

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  • Type:
    Bespoke Training

Paul ArnoldYour Facilitator

Paul is a psychologist by training. To get into advertising he took a slightly lateral approach. Turning his slight stutter into a positive, by promoting himself on a sandwich board, threatening to stand outside of the top twenty agencies until he got a job. Following nationwide TV & press coverage, he was hired by Saatchi & Saatchi where he stayed for 14 years, before being head hunted to run the global toothpaste business for GlaxoSmithKline out of Grey advertising.

IPA IPA How To Influence The Consumer Purchase Decision

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